For All Speakers

What makes for a successful Presentation?

  • Align to one of the Forum’s themes

  • Offer high-quality content on a demand-driven topic

  • Focus on your field of expertise

  • Incorporate an interactive exercise or time for discussion

  • Provide concrete take-aways



45 minutes

Room Configuration - Capacity/Audience

Upon registration, each attendee will select the roundtable they wish to attend. Each roundtable session will be allocated space depending on demand. Although we aim to have about 8-10 participants per discussion, some may have slightly more or slightly less. Rooms will be set up theater-style, roundtable of 10, or a pod of 8.


It will not be possible for roundtable presenters to have access to A/V materials. However, please let us know if you require a flip-chart.


Anything that supports transferable learning is appreciated. Kindly bring 30 copies of any handout that you will share with your roundtable participants. It will not be possible to make copies on-site.




1 hour

Room Configuration

Rooms will be set up theater-style, roundtables of 10, or pods of 8.


Depending on the set up of the room, workshop capacities can range from 30-60 people. At the time of registration, attendees will indicate their preference. Once attendees choose which workshop they want to attend, we will have a better idea of how many people will be at each section.


All rooms have a screen and projector. Please bring your Powerpoint presentations on a memory stick/flash drive.