Speaking at the 2022 Women in Global Development Leadership Forum

We welcome a diverse range of speakers and viewpoints.

As a speaker, you will:

  • Shape the agenda
  • Showcase your thought leadership
  • Support other professionals to advance in their careers and create cultures of inclusive leadership

Selected speakers will receive a complimentary pass to the virtual 2022 Women in Global Development Leadership Forum.

Submissions will be assessed for alignment to: the 2022 Women in Global Development Leadership Forum theme and tracks; their relevancy and the concrete and transferable learning they offer; and speakers' experience on the topic.

Submission Deadline: Feb. 14, 2021

Two Ways to Submit

Leadership FailLab

Have you experienced a personal leadership failure you’d like to share with your fellow development and humanitarian sector colleagues?

Inspire your audience with a 8-10 minute talk.

Need some inspiration? Check out the 2021 FailLab speakers. 


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Hot Topic 

12-person discussion groups that get into nitty-gritty career questions.

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