Developing Stronger & More Inclusive Leaders

How is WILD Making a Difference?

We undertook a process to understand the tangible outcomes stakeholders experienced as a result of participating in the WILD Network’s activities. 

What Did We Learn?

WILD's commitment to offering actionable information is supporting leaders and their  organizations around the globe to take new actions that drive gender inclusion and equity for all.

We invite you to read more about the outcomes you can expect from participating in, and supporting, the 2022 Women in Global Development Leadership Forum: 
Affecting Change: 2018-2020 Outcomes and Our Path Forward.

Gender Equity Framework

WILD uses the four themes of our Gender Equity Framework, published in 2020, to guide our content curation and drive gender equality.

Diversity-Enabling Infrastructure and Mechanisms


Elissa McCarter LaBorde

President & CEO, World Council of Credit Unions

"I was joined at the Forum with one of our women field leaders. One objective we have is to identify how to translate the learnings from WILD conferences and apply them in the field in other countries."

Gender Technical Advisor 

"The Forum made me realize that, before developing any diversity and inclusion tools and products, we needed to take a step back and understand where our organization currently stands in terms of gender equity. Using the information shared at the Forum, I gained buy-in to conduct a gender audit across our entire organization."

Albert Smith Jr.,

Global Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Practitioner & Consultant 

"Our employees, in purposeful response to the conference, convened as a group to discuss impressions, exchange learnings, and co-imagine a shared future. The conference was a catalyzing moment for what will become a women’s employee resource group at Chemonics."

Development of Individual Leadership and Power


Melia Petersen, 

City Research Scientist at City of New York, Department of Homeless Services

"I leveraged the toolkit provided at the salary negotiation session to advocate for a raise at my next quarterly review, which was granted. "

Frantzie Saint Juste

Director of Operations & Finance, DAI

"The Forum helped me realize that I can make a difference in my own way. By advocating for myself and the issues that are important to me, I can help advocate for others that are like me or for those going through similar challenges, whether they’re issues impacting all women or a subset, such as Black women and women of color. "

Intentional Professional Development Strategies


Jen Peterson

Agriculture & Economic Growth Team, Tetra Tech/ARD

"The Forum taught me to be more intentional about mentorship and to look for opportunities to help my colleagues grow. I’ve taken on new informal mentees since the Forum."

Sylvia Megret

President & Chief Operating Officer (COO), ACDI/VOCA

"My colleague institutionalized a “back-up plan” process within her team, which helped create balance between her team’s work and personal lives all while continuing to meet the needs of the organization. "

Gender Inclusive Culture and Practices


Ranjani Sridharan

Founder at Kshetra PBC

"The Women in Global Development Leadership Forum online series was such a great reminder on how we all need to connect on our leadership journeys and how shared lessons can help us power each other forward."

Elissa McCarter LaBorde

President & CEO, World Council of Credit Unions

"The WILD Network Forum was a reminder, as an organizational leader, to keep attention on gender equity and to continue to drive initiatives forward for my organization."

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