WILD Supports Global Development Leaders to Scale their Impact & Thrive.

We build and connect the ecosystem of stakeholders that believe in creating cultures of inclusive leadership. We craft each professional development and networking experience to foster meaningful connections, and actionable take-aways. They are also energizing and fun. (Because don't we already experience enough grind?)

Ways We Are Supporting Global Development


We bring together stakeholders in the social change sector – corporations, NGOs, investors, donors, social fellowship programs to spark industry-wide dialogue and action on promoting female leadership, diversity, equity, and inclusion. Through team leadership workshops and organizational consulting services, we are sparking change at the organizational and system level.


We identify the ways in which the organizations can become more alert to the advantages of strong female leadership, equity, diversity and inclusion and provide individual organizations training, resources, and support through implementation. Stakeholders have gone on to develop employee resource groups (ERGs), undergo gender equity certification, among other transformative steps to promote female leadership and D&I.

Individual level

We’re passionate about the individual woman and how she can commit herself to making the world a better place without burning out. We identify the skills that women can develop to lead more effectively within their organizations. Through our coaching services and leadership workshops, as well as networking events, we support women with best practices and research and empower them to increase their influence and impact.

WILD Founder: Fiona Macaulay

Fiona Macaulay, Founder and CEO of the WILD Network, works at the intersection of innovation, leadership and global development. She is one of the pioneering voices in the fields of social entrepreneurship and international development, committed to helping other women make their mark in the social change sector. Fiona founded WILD - the Women Innovators and Leaders Development Network- to support women in the global development sector to scale their impact and thrive. 

A serial social entrepreneur, educator and field-builder, Fiona is committed to helping people achieve their potential. She key-notes global conferences and is a TEDx speaker. She writes a popular monthly column on leadership for Inc.com, and has been featured in the New York Times.

In the academic world, Fiona is a Professor of Entrepreneurship at Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business, where she also runs a leadership clinic for MBA students, and serves as an Entrepreneur-in-Residence to mentor and coach emerging social innovators and leaders across campus.

Earlier in her career, Fiona founded and for 20 years was the CEO of Making Cents International, a professional service firm that implemented development programs in 50 countries. Fiona also founded the leading global platform that disseminates evidence-based scalable solutions to increase youth employment, entrepreneurship and financial inclusion. At the time her social enterprise was acquired, Fiona was recognized among the top 1% of U.S. female business owners.

Fiona is available to keynote your event.

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