2021 Theme: Journey To Bold & Inclusive Leadership

The Women in Global Development Leadership Forum is the first and world's largest forum on women's leadership, equity, diversity and inclusion in the global development sector.

Throughout the year, we hold programming to propel the momentum we catalyze at the Forum. Activities range from skill-building workshops, visionary commentary on diversity and inclusion efforts, and informal gatherings to networking events.

We build and connect the ecosystem of stakeholders that believe in building cultures of inclusive leadership.

Topics Included

Track 1: Next Level Leadership

  • Managing Dual Careers
  • Growing Your Personal Brand
  • Allyship: How to Ask, Listen and Show Up
  • Smart Salary Negotiation
  • Climbing the ladder in your Country Offices

Track 2: Build A Company Culture of Inclusive Leadership

  • Leading in a Virtual World: The New Rules for Running A Successful Team 
  • How to Accelerate Your Impact and Business Results by Tapping into the Potential of Your Employees
  • Making a Place for Young Leaders Around the Table: Easy to Say, Hard to Do

Track 3: Sector-wide Initiatives

  • Data is Power: #Global Dev Sector DEI 2021 Benchmarking Survey Results
  • Salary Equity: Death of the Bio-Data and Rise of New Norms


84 sessions offered

2,800 cumulative hours of programming consumed

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100 speakers

Fro m 16 countries,speaking on  topics in plenary, workshops, roundtable &fireside chats

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900 participants

From 250+ organizations
in 125 countries

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 99% Post- Forum survey respondents said they would recommend the experience to others.

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